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Scottish Internet Services specializes in designing and optimizing websites for Google, we are based in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Website Design Scotland: We provide our clients with free Web Hosting for the first 1st year and proper email accounts at your domain i.e (admin@roof-repair-company.co.uk).
Basic Website Design: If you are just starting in business or would like to start off with a smaller site (template) we can provide you with seo packages from £1495 including Web Hosting & Email. You could be up and running with your own email + website within the week.

Google Placement: Our marketing packages will get you listed & found on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines + directories. Your business will reach a bigger target market, generate new business leads and it will cost you less than a single column ad in a paper-based directory, magazine, or newspaper.

Search Engine Optimisation: Scottish Internet Services optimize web sites as well. All sites can be easily found on Google, Yahoo, MSN & Bing typically our sites have high placements on the Search Engine Listings.

Domain Names: Scottish Internet Services provides clients with Domain Names at a cost price we have no admin fee. We also have a number of cherished domain names for sale. Domain Names for Sale

Company Information: Scottish Internet Services is based in Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The company is owned and operated by Lee Farrell (B.Eng. Hons) about us

Featured Projects: The images on the right-hand side are from some of our recent projects, you can view more by clicking on our client link.

Why hiring a London SEO company is important for small businesses?

Gone are the days when SEO services were only about higher search engine rankings. Today, optimizing a website is beneficial in many ways; from a smooth user experience to a higher engagement rate, everything is achievable with SEO services in London UK

If you own a small business and need a quick boost in sales, SEO services can help you achieve it. SEO services in London are meant to take your website to a higher level and help the visitors experience a smooth journey through its pages. When your web is cluttered and slow-loading, it wards the visitors off, which can be really harmful to your sales. But, if you have a trustworthy SEO company London on-board, you can take your business to a broader audience within no time. 

Here are five benefits of SEO services London for your small business: 

  • Higher conversion rate

When a user searches your business-related keywords, he will check the top 10 web results instead of the lower ones. This leads to an enhanced conversion rate and more sales for those top-ranking webs. So, if your business isn’t gaining the much-awaited prosperity, invest in smart SEO services right away. Whether you offer individual services or run a brand, having a trustable internet presence will help you gain more business. Make your website trustworthy with the help of our excellent SEO services London UK and convert the clicks to sales. 

  • Brand awareness 

Old-school advertisement ways are more costly and time-taking. However, in this time of IoT, when 90% of people use search engines to find local businesses, you should have excellent website SEO instead of those costly ads. To make your brand a trustable name, promoting it to the right audience is unavoidable. When your SEO is on-point, your web reaches those who are genuinely interested in your offered products/services. So, instead of distributing your ads randomly, plan smartly and reach those who have the potential to bring in more sales. 

  • Bypass competitors

If your local competitors are driving more sales than you, it’s high time you reach out to a wider customer base and promote yourself smartly. Ads and TVCs cannot beat good reviews and higher search rankings. SEO services for small business will take your website to a large number of readers, and eventually increase your brand’s worth. Also, when you are located in a remote region, having good SEO can help you facilitate a wider audience. With a reliable SEO, new people can find you via search engines, know the public’s reviews about you, and give you better sales. 

  • Improved users’ experience  

Fast-loading and informative web pages keep your reader hooked, eventually impacting your search engine reputation. Google and other big search platforms promote informative content to the top, which benefits both the readers and the business owners. If your website is full of annoying ads and vague content, it won’t do any good. Instead, well-crafted blog posts, de-cluttered pages, and helpful external links will make a reader spend more time on your platform. Our SEO Company London can take your small and family-owned business to customers throughout the country. 

We are a London SEO company with extensive experience in on-page and off-page SEO services. If you want to turn your website into a revenue-generating resource, try our SEO services and see the results in real-time.